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About QuKayDee

A QKD network simulator, focused on APIs

QuKayDee is a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) network simulator that runs in the cloud, with a focus on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Its main goal is to allow users to test integration of their classical systems with the QKD network without needing physical QKD hardware. For example, network equipment vendors or service providers can test wether their encryptor devices are interoperable with the key delivery interface provided by QKD devices.

Supported APIs

Currently, QuKayDee provides only one API, namely:

Additional APIs are being considered for the future, including:


QuKayDee is intended for educational and API testing purposes only. The keys produced by QuKayDee are not cryptographically secure and are not suitable for use in production networks.

Contact Us

You can contact use by e-mail at contact@qukaydee.com.